Become the Franchisee of an aesthetic oasis that not only enhances but rejuvenates and sustains the beauty of your clients.

Visual stimulus has become the instinctive sense used by modern culture when assessing individuals and objects. Although first impressions are not necessarily permanent, they certainly help shape the initial perception individuals form of one another.

The cosmetic industry (both products and services) is a continuously developing trade. It has become a top priority for most modern men and women. Whether a mere trip to the beauty salon, or a more advanced set of neuromodulation treatments; we all want to look our absolute best, and wear our confidence for eons to come. Regrettably, time eventually robs us all of our youthful complexions. Although we remain susceptible to the force of time, we can abate its impact. SkinPhD does not simply stock and supply luxurious cosmetic products and services. More importantly, SkinPhD provides clients with a cosmeceutical alternative.

The combination of pharmaceutical innovation and quality cosmetics will inevitably enhance and sustain the beauty of your clients. All our products and services have been clinically tested, and are certified by The Dermatological Society. SkinPhD will therefore enable your clients to effortlessly look their best, whilst concurrently constructing scientifically formulated defences against the toll of time. 

Over the course of three years, SkinPhD has advanced into the quintessence of balance between cosmetic and medical. As a Franchisee, you will be the representative of more than an ordinary beauty parlour. You will be representing an establishment that testifies of scientifically proven results. An establishment where the public is always welcome to rejuvenate themselves in the remedial waters of your aesthetic oasis.

What we offer when joining our family:

  • A premium cosmeceutical product range that is rapidly expanding and continuously developing.
  • Move on over to the fast lane, and join us for a ride in one of the biggest growing markets to date.
  • Stay informed with continual updates, the latest technology and relevant aesthetic development insights.
  • Confide in always-available national business and marketing support.
  • Enjoy sufficient and in depth professional training on all SkinPhD products and services, for you and your staff.
  • Receive excellent return on your investment which continuously escalates along with the market.
  • Have your pick of prime sites available nationwide. To name but a few…

The benefits of investing in a SkinPhD aesthetic oasis:

  • Form part of a brand that achieves excellence and quality in every aspect of its design; from store layouts to elite products.
  • Join the future with cosmeceutical services and skin care products that showcase scientifically proven long-lasting results.
  • Buy into a medically approved skin care range that has been locally developed, and successfully marketed and sold to international buyers. To name but a few…

Why we are dedicated to Franchising:

At SkinPhD we aspire to ensure the fruitful expanding of our brand. In order to do so our innovations and findings need to be shared with and introduced to all South Africans. This can only be achieved through new and successfully established franchises. We have come to recognise the fragility of a brand, and how the strength thereof lies in the detailed nurturing of its every component. We therefore strive to provide unhindered support to each and every one of our Franchisees. In doing so, we hope to establish a dedicated partnership where building a brand is done together; for the benefit of one another.


Prime Sites Available Nationwide:

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Contact our Head Office on the details below or fill in the online application form to get started:

SkinPhD Head Office
Unit B05, Block B, Lower Level, Brooklyn Office Park,
c/o Nicholson St. & Fehrson St, New Muckleneuk, Pretoria.