As skincare lovers, we at SkinPhD believe in new years resolutions for your skin as your skin represents you for a lifetime. It rings true that your skin reflects your inner body health, but we always have great tips and tricks to let your product counteract a “not so healthy” lifestyle.


  • To be successful in your career, marriage and relationship with your family and friends, you need to invest time. Take at least 10min a day and care for your skin.
  • Forget about a tan, your skin will thank you for it and you will have less wrinkles, pigmentation and breakouts to focus on in the new year.
  • A Sun Protection Factor is your best defense against a frown in the mirror. Use a minimum of SPF20 broad spectrum UVA, UVB and Blue light protection product daily. Remember to reapply when going into direct sunlight. UV rays are not just found outside but more so from laptops, phones and indoor lights.
  • Pollution is a world wide problem so invest in products packed with antioxidants. The most important being Vitamin B3 to reduce the inflammation created by  pollution and other external factors. Remember that inflammation is the trigger to all skin problems.
  • If you are budget tight, do at least 3 things right… Cleanse with a soap free, non-stripping cleanser. Moisturise day and night with an antioxidant rich moisturiser. Always apply a SPF20 or higher in the morning.
  • Do not worry about spending more on a separate neck cream. Just use your facial products down your neck and on your décolleté as well.
  • Smile more. Frown lines are much worse than laugh lines.
  • Invest in a Retinol based product. Retinol is the best ingredient to slow down ageing. Start using it as soon as you hit your 20’s.


  • Leave all aggressive, abrasive products in 2020. Your skin is a super sensitive organ so respect it!
  • Stop using your partners skincare products. Every skin is different. Go for a professional skin analysis and get free advice on what is best for your skin.
  • Stop squeezing! It is extremely easy to get rid of breakouts in a treatment room at a professional skincare salon. Keep in mind, it is extremely difficult to get rid of the scarring and/or hyperpigmentation you may have caused with “bathroom surgery”.
  • Throw away sponges and clothes that has a build up of bacteria. Well formulated products do not need any other tools except your clean hands.
  • Do not have unrealistic expectations of any skincare range. Your skin concerns took years to develop and will not disappear within one treatment or one week. Take a before photo and take more photos in 6-week intervals to prove realistic results and ensure that your product choice works for you.
  • Do not use the exact same products that celebrities use. We promise you that your skin is different, and you will not get the same benefits. Visits SkinPhD for a FREE 15 Client Centric Consultation where a thorough skin analysis, six-month homecare prescription and 6 month professional treatment plan that is tailor made to your skin concerns, budget and time allowance.