Become a proud SkinPhD Stockist

SkinPhD is an advanced skin and body cosmeceutical range of products and services, scientifically developed for all skin types. Become a stockist of our professional skin care range, that delivers exceptional results.

Our product range:

As a cosmeceutical range, our products rely on bio-active ingredients to provide beneficial changes in appearance of the skin, working beyond the skin's surface to create true change.

Skin Health Range: Cosmeceutical biotechnology specifically designed for all skin types, colours and conditions. The skin health range is designed to re-balance and calm any problematic skin condition, while providing the nutrition your skin requires to function at its best. 

PauseAge Range: Targeted cosmeceutical skin care specifically designed with bio-active ingredients to help to address all signs of pre-mature ageing as well as prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture and tone, loss of elasticity and so much more.

Skin Supplements: Unique medical-grade skin supplements complement each skin care range, supporting best results when treating common skin conditions, such as pigmentation or acne. Cosmeceutical body products target cellulite, premature ageing as well as all types of scarring.

Body Range: Targeted cosmeceutical body products to help to target cellulite, pre-mature ageing as well as all types of scarring. A combination of deeply penetrating ingredients which incorporates biotechnology to improve the skin's over all appearance.

In addition to its premier product range, SkinPhD salons offer signature facial treatments, collagen induction therapy, nail and hair services, hair removal, aesthetic face and body treatments (including the award winning VelaShape III and FraxFaceTM  technology) and aesthetic specialist treatments. At SkinPhD our core focus areas are product, performance and price to ensure you get the best out of your skin and your budget.

Research and product development:

SkinPhD's research and development has been performed by leading Universities, Research Centres, and International companies from the USA, Switzerland, Germany and France. Development of SkinPhD products include the latest scientific releases and information. 

Our formulators ensure that the ingredients used in our products will create positive changes in the skin through the use of materials that improve the skin's barrier function, maintain healthy skin pH, reduce inflammatory conditions, and bring balance to the oil and water content of the skin. 

A combination of unique raw materials and technologies are patented for manufacturing this distinctive product range. The products are formulated and manufactured in South Africa. SkinPhD products are intended to correct and balance the skin without aggression. 


Stockist Benefits:

  • Be one of the very first stockists of a new skin care product in South Africa that has proven results.

  • A skin care range that has been developed in South Africa and successfully marketed and sold internationally.

  • Clinical Tested and certified by The Dermatological Society.


Contact SkinPhD Head Office for more information about how you can become a SkinPhD stockist.
Phone: 087 357 0254