Peeling is nothing new, but our environment and what our skins are exposed to is changing daily. We are exposed to so many different skin damaging factors compared to 20 years ago. This shows us that we cannot treat the skin in the same way we use to.

New breakthroughs

In recent years, skincare experts have noticed how the skin is not able to heal itself as easily as a few years ago and led us to delve into why this is. Your skin is first and foremost a protective organ. This means that it is programmed to keep the bad out and the good inside. Like any organ, if the skin is over exposed to damaging factors, it will work less effectively. Today the skin must protect internal organs against more pollution, more damage from cellular phones’ blue light, more temperature changes and increased stress at a more damaging rate than ever before.

That is why SkinPhD realised that we needed to look at peeling differently as the results of a peel is very much dependent on the ability for the skin to heal itself. But how can it if the skin is facing all these damaging factors?

The concept behind SkinPhD’s peels

The concept behind the SkinPhD peels, to be launched in April 2021, are best summarised in the SURFACE TO CELL concept. Cosmeceutical peeling in the past was based on removing as many dead skin cells as possible, which triggers the skin cell renewal process to heal itself and therefore improve the various skin conditions and types. The new SkinPhD peels has a vastly different and unique concept to fit into the new generational lifestyles we lead.

Let us summarise:

  • No matter which SkinPhD Cosmeceutical peel you have, it has been formulated to treat multiple concerns at once. Let us say your main concern is acne. You will have a PAUSE BREAKOUT peel to treat your main concern but will also be exposed to ingredients that will treat ageing, oil and water imbalance, post inflammatory pigmentation and inflammation. All elements combined in a chemically sane formulation treats the multi-concerned skin all in one treatment.
  • Today we know that the main trigger for any skin condition is inflammation and we have therefore focused on reducing inflammation dramatically in every SkinPhD Cosmeceutical peel. This makes us extremely excited as we can now work at the most active level, without the chances of creating chronic inflammation in the skin. This allows us to get long term, optimal improvement with no side effects.
  • Due to the lower ability of the skin to heal itself, we have formulated these peels with ingredients that is left on a cellular level and ensure skin healing support for 4 – 6 weeks after having a SkinPhD Cosmeceutical peel. This means that results are not only seen immediately but weeks after the initial treatment. With this concept we are not leaving the skin to fend for itself but supporting its healing and improvement process.
  • We have created a peeling system that will suit every end consumer need and every skin concern. Gone are the days of treating one concern at a time and having to then treat the next concern in another treatment. We are now able to treat multiple concerns at once without creating imbalance.

The best way to experience this incredible new peeling concept is to have one!

Visit your closest SkinPhD in the month of April and May 2021 and receive a peel at 20% less.