Peeling is nothing new, but for a client that is trying a peeling treatment for the first time, it is life-changing. We cannot treat everyone’s skin in the same way. That is why it is important to choose an Aesthetic Specialist that has plenty of experience. This is especially important for people that has a darker skin colour as this skin can be easily triggered to form hyperpigmentation.

People with more severe skin concerns will get better results from professional peeling treatments than an at-home product because of the higher concentrations used in professional salon products.

What you need to know

Chemical peels reduce skin damage, giving the skin a more youthful, smoother textured and unblemished appearance. Depending on a person’s skin concerns and their type of skin, an Aesthetic Specialist at SkinPhD will recommend the most appropriate chemical peel.

Superficial peels are the safest for all skin types. However, having any type of chemical peel requires some downtime for recovery. Any peel may also cause side effects, such as redness, peeling, and sensitivity to sunlight.

What we at SkinPhD offer

At SkinPhD we have formulated peels from very superficial to more in-depth peels to suit every skin and need. The key is that we use active ingredients together with acids to ensure effective support in the skin healing process.

It is incredibly important to note that pre- and post-homecare as well as medications used, can influence what type of peel and the ideal strength of the peel. If you are on any medication that naturally thins the skin such as Tretinoin or medication that sensitises the skin such as Thyroid medication, it is wise to not opt for a peeling treatment as we cannot pinpoint the skin’s ability to heal effectively. Being allergic to a specific ingredient will also be a contra-indication to a specific peel, so be sure to check this with your Aesthetic Specialist prior to deciding on a peel.

The best way to experience this incredible new peeling concept is to have one!

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