Become the Franchisee of an aesthetic oasis that not only enhances but rejuvenates and sustains the beauty of your clients.

Visual stimulus has become the instinctive sense used by modern culture when assessing individuals and objects. Although first impressions are not necessarily permanent, they certainly help shape the initial perception individuals form of one another. The cosmetic industry (both products and services) is a continuously developing trade. It has become a top priority for most modern men and women. Whether a mere trip to the beauty salon, or a more advanced set of neuromodulation treatments; we all want to look our absolute best, and wear our confidence for eons to come. Regrettably, time eventually robs us all of our youthful complexions. Although we remain susceptible to the force of time, we can abate its impact. SkinPhD does not simply stock and supply luxurious cosmetic products and services. More importantly, SkinPhD provides clients with a cosmeceutical alternative. The combination of pharmaceutical innovation and quality cosmetics will inevitably enhance and sustain the beauty of your clients. All our products and services have been clinically tested, and are certified by The Dermatological Society. SkinPhD will therefore enable your clients to effortlessly look their best, whilst concurrently constructing scientifically formulated defences against the toll of time. Over the course of three years, SkinPhD has advanced into the quintessence of balance between cosmetic and medical. As a Franchisee, you will be the representative of more than an ordinary beauty parlour. You will be representing an establishment that testifies of scientifically proven results. An establishment where the public is always welcome to rejuvenate themselves in the remedial waters of your aesthetic oasis.
For franchise enquiries, please contact Head Office:
087 357 0254