Facial Treatments

Signature Facial Treatments

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The perfect introduction to SkinPhD giving you maximum results in a powerful treatment.
Skin Perfect Deep Cleanse

A treatment designed to help to treat impure skin. Includes steam, extractions and the Pomegranate mask to soothe the skin.

An intensely rejuvenating treatment to help hydrate, smooth and revitalise skin with symptoms of pre-mature ageing.

Treatment formulated with pure Retinol to help give your skin’s metabolism the boost it needs to reveal more supple, smooth and tightened skin.
HydroPlump K2 Treatment

A unique treatment using Vitamin K2 bio technology to instantly increase moisture and anti-oxidant levels. Visibly plumps out fine lines and wrinkles and refines pores.

Advanced Facial Treatments

Collagen Induction Therapy

Medical aesthetic treatment incorporating micro needling technology in order to remodel your skin. A vitamin rich Pomegranate mask is applied to help soothe the skin. Please ask your therapist for more information.
GL Collagen Induction

Optimal combination of the GL Reveal Peel and Collagen Induction Treatment to provide maximum results in retexturizing the skin and boosting radiance.

Add Ons

Specialized Mask

Paraffin Mask

Skin Supplement


High Frequency

Chemical Peel Treatments

Cell Advance Peels

Get back your skin’s glow. Our peel gently addresses your ageing concerns, signs of photo-ageing, hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone, poor skin texture and is suited to reduce acne prone skin conditions.
- GL Reveal Peel

An advanced treatment to help reveal more beautiful skin without any harsh side effects. An essential monthly treatment for all skin types. GL Enhance Peel.
- GL Enhance Peel

An intense advanced peel helping to enhance your skin texture and colour. This treatment is only prescribed for advanced clients and to be done in the winter months.
Alkalescent Peel

Alkaline peel that helps to reduce the growth of fine facial hair and targets pigmentation.
L-Hydrate Peel

Advanced hydrating peel using Lactic Acid which helps with dehydrated as well as dry skin conditions.
Cell Sylic

Specifically formulated with Salicylic Acid to treat acne, inflamed skin, skin injuries and eczema prone skin.
Citric-Acid Peel

Advanced anti-oxidant treatment utilizing Ascorbic Acid to lighten and brighten the skin.

Body Care

Biominceur Body Wraps*

Please enquire in store

Body Massage

Destress, Detox and Muscle Relaxing
Back, Neck and Shoulder 30 min R270
Full Body Massage 60 min R380
Indian Head and Foot* 30 min R360
Purifying Back Treatment 45 min R380
Foot massage 30 min R200
ADD ON Soy Candle R50
ADD ON Hot Stone* R60
ADD ON Aroma* R80

Lash and Brow Tinting

Brow Tint R70
Lash Tint R80
Lash and Brow Tint R140

Lash Extentions and Permanent Make-up*

Waxing Hair Removal

Ladies Gents
Lip R70 -
Brows R70 -
Chin R80 -
Sideburns R110 -
Full Face incl brows R250 -
Bikini R140 -
Brazillian R230 -
Hollywood R270 -
Full Legs R240 R260
¾ Legs R190 R240
½ Legs R170 R220
Underarms R110 -
Full Arms R140 R190
½ Arms R110 -
Stomach Line R70 -
Nose R70 R70
Stomach - R140
½ Back - R210
Full Back - R260
Chest - R210

EpilFREE Hair Removal

Ladies Gents
Upper Lip R280 R280
Full Face R1100 R100
Brows R350 R350
Beard R990 R990
Chin R350 R350
Sideburns R350 R350
Nippels R500 R500
Basic Bikini R700 -
Brazillian R1010 -
Hollywood R1295 -
Buttocks R1010 R1010
Full Legs R1700 R1700
½ Legs R1200 R1200
Underarms R550 R550
Full Arms R1150 R1150
½ Arms R660 R660
Stomach Line R450 R450
Full Stomach R1200 R1200
Full Back R1700 R1700
½ Back R1260 R1260
Chest R1250 R1250

Laser Hair Removal

Ladies Gents
Upper Lip R210 R210
Full Face R860 R860
Full Face R860 R860
Brows R210 R210
Beard R510 R510
Chin R360 R360
Sideburns R460 R460
Neck (Front) R360 R360
Neck (Back) R360 R360
Nippels R160 R160
Basic Bikini R510 -
Brazillian R760 -
Hollywood R960 -
Buttocks R860 R860
Full Legs R2530 R3030
½ Legs R1520 R1820
Underarms R460 R560
Full Arms R1820 R1820
½ Arms R1010 R1010
Stomach Line R260 R260
Full Stomach R1010 R1010
½ Back R1520 R1520
Full Back R3030 R3030
Chest R1820 R1820
ADD ON (3 Shots) R260 R260
ADD ON (6 Shots) R510 R510

*Selected Stores Only.

Aesthetic Devices

Plasma Pen Treatments

Get surgery like results with No Scalpel, No Stiches, No Bandages and only 3 - 5 Days Downtime with the Power of Plasma. Click here to learn more
Upper Eyelid Lift R1950
Lower Eyelid Lift R1950
Uppr and Lower Eyelid Lift R3750
Forehead Vertical Frown Lines R1195
Top Lip R1295
Bottom Lip R1295
Top and Bottom Lip R2295
Mid Face R3995
Nasolabial Fold Lift R1795
Neck Lift R3795
Full Face (Face, Neck & Jaw) R8995
Acne Scar Improvement (per minute) R200
Stretch Marks (per minute) R200
Skin Tag/ Mole Removal (per skin tag/ mole) R750
Tummy Lift R4495