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Hair Removal

SkinPhD Plattekloof Village Centre offers a wide variety of Hair Removal Treatments from Waxing to EpilFREE and Laser. You name the area, we've got you covered. You name the method, we've got you covered.

Hair Removal Price List

Waxing Hair Removal

Ladies Gents
Lip R70 -
Brows R70 -
Chin R80 -
Sideburns R110 -
Full Face incl brows R250 -
Bikini R140 -
Brazillian R230 -
Hollywood R270 -
Full Legs R240 R260
¾ Legs R190 R240
½ Legs R170 R220
Underarms R110 -
Full Arms R140 R190
½ Arms R110 -
Stomach Line R70 -
Nose R70 R70
Stomach - R140
½ Back - R210
Full Back - R260
Chest - R210

EpilFREE Hair Removal

Ladies Gents
Upper Lip R280 R280
Full Face R1100 R100
Brows R350 R350
Beard R990 R990
Chin R350 R350
Sideburns R350 R350
Nippels R500 R500
Basic Bikini R700 -
Brazillian R1010 -
Hollywood R1295 -
Buttocks R1010 R1010
Full Legs R1700 R1700
½ Legs R1200 R1200
Underarms R550 R550
Full Arms R1150 R1150
½ Arms R660 R660
Stomach Line R450 R450
Full Stomach R1200 R1200
Full Back R1700 R1700
½ Back R1260 R1260
Chest R1250 R1250

Laser Hair Removal

Ladies Gents
Upper Lip R210 R210
Full Face R860 R860
Full Face R860 R860
Brows R210 R210
Beard R510 R510
Chin R360 R360
Sideburns R460 R460
Neck (Front) R360 R360
Neck (Back) R360 R360
Nippels R160 R160
Basic Bikini R510 -
Brazillian R760 -
Hollywood R960 -
Buttocks R860 R860
Full Legs R2530 R3030
½ Legs R1520 R1820
Underarms R460 R560
Full Arms R1820 R1820
½ Arms R1010 R1010
Stomach Line R260 R260
Full Stomach R1010 R1010
½ Back R1520 R1520
Full Back R3030 R3030
Chest R1820 R1820
ADD ON (3 Shots) R260 R260
ADD ON (6 Shots) R510 R510

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