Research and Development

Research and development of SkinPhD was performed by leading Universities, Research Centres, and International companies from the USA, Switzerland, Germany and France. Development of SkinPhD products includes the latest scientific releases and information. A combination of unique raw materials and technologies are patented for manufacturing this distinctive product range. The products are formulated and manufactured in South Africa. Rich African extracts and the latest innovations in cosmetic technology are combined to create a product range that balances, nourishes, and renews the skin.

SkinPhD products are intended to correct and balance the skin without aggression. Our formulators ensure that the ingredients used in our products will create positive changes in the skin through the use of materials that improve the skin's barrier function, maintain healthy skin pH, reduce inflammatory conditions, and bring balance to the oil and water content of the skin. All skin types experience positive results when these important areas of skin health are addressed.

As a cosmeceutical range, our products rely on bio-active ingredients to produce beneficial changes in the appearance of the skin. Bio-active ingredients work beyond the skin surface to create true change. Some benefits of bio-active ingredients include increased cellular renewal and regeneration, improved barrier function, and the stabilization of collagen and elastin. SkinPhD features a host of bio-actives including vitamins, polysaccharides, botanicals, proteins, peptides, and enzymes.

Sophisticated Procedures and Protocols

It is of utmost importance that SkinPhD products introduced to the public are ground breaking in their formulation, effective, safe, and adhere to standards set by the cosmetic industry and other various governing bodies.

We have:

  • Agreements and membership with CTFA, COSCHEM, SASOL CHEMCITY
  • High quality, GMP and quality systems
  • Attendance on a regular basis at International conferences and seminars on cosmetic science
  • Access to global researchers and developers of raw material

We only purchase raw materials from approved suppliers and only accept receipt of raw materials when they are accompanied by a 'Certificate of Analysis' from the relevant manufacturer. Raw materials are thoroughly researched to ensure compliance with all the expectations of the specific product to be developed.

Formulation Testing

Stability testing is performed on all formulations to guarantee the products are of the highest quality. The products are placed in accelerated testing conditions which include temperatures of 4˚C and 40˚C respectively as well as room temperature for 3 months. The products are tested against a control for appearance, colour, odour, pH and viscosity. All tests results are recorded and analysed according to set specifications.

Specific test panels are performed to test the product performance and efficacy. Candidates are screened and then selected to take part in the test panels. Results are recorded where after a comprehensive report indicates whether the product is approved. After final approval, the product is subjected to product/packaging compatibility testing. This will ensure the product is compatible with the packaging material and closure type.

Other tests include SPF testing, sensitivity testing, irritancy testing, claim substantiation and efficacy testing. These tests are carried through by accredited testing facilities and certificates are issued for every test performed.

Clinical Study Report

FUTURE COSMETICS CC from concept to product. This is to verify that the formulas described as:
SkinPhD Toner CW490
SkinPhD Cleanser CW491
SkinPhD Day Lotion CW492
SkinPhD Night Cream CW493
SkinPhD Eye Balm CW494
SkinPhD Neck Cream CW500
Supplied by CW PHARMACEUTICALS was tested according to the procedure as described in the FCSOP100.

The products can be classified as follows:

  • Mild Irritant

The following claims are applicable:

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Endorsed by a Dermatologist
  • Mild Irritant

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Date: 08-09-2008
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