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The Quick Grow Range of salon exclusive products all contain an Advanced Amino Signature blend designed to increase hair growth speed. Hair growth results of just over 3 times the normal hair growth speed have been recorded when the products are used consistently and as frequently as possible. The Quick Grow range of products are designed to improve the overall growth performance holistically through their supplementation and topical ranges. Welcome to HAIR TODAY, LONG TOMORROW™

How does Quick Grow work?

For longer, faster growing hair.

Quick Grow is an advanced amino product range, scientifically formulated to supplement your body with a precise blend of amino’s, minerals and vitamins that in turn trains the body to produce keratin faster. To better absorb calcium, your body needs Magnesium for faster and better absorption. This basic principle is the ethos to our signature amino blend, our enriched patented mineral and vitamin blend assists in the improved amino absorption and utilisation of amino’s for HAIR TODAY, LONG TOMORROW.


Will Quick Grow work for me?

Professional advice is key

Quick Grow is scientifically formulated to assist in the increase of keratin production within the body and scalp. Our products work on all hair types, however results vary based on your unique physiology and health status. We always highly recommend you consult with a professional qualified hair stylist who will perform an in-depth consultation and manage your expectations, ensuring you achieve the best results in the shortest time. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


How can I get the best results?

Find out what the experts recommend

Achieving the best results quickly is achievable, and yes, there are tips and tricks on how to use the products to speed up your keratin production. Our experts have created a fun, informative 12 Month Growth Program that you are welcome to download a copy here. This program not only gives you helpful tips and tricks, but also explains how to use the products correctly to achieve longer, faster growing hair.